Cutting edge, yet trendy, with a little old school charm. Graphic Design like you've never seen before. Designs that soothes the mind and captivates the soul. Designs that elevate you to a place you've never been. Designs that take you down a distant road less travelled, but a road where every journey should begin....

Welcome to Designs by Chinoy!

Our Mission:

The transformation of ideas to life; one color, one line, one image at a time

Our Goal:

To create cutting edge and iconic designs that exude synergy and brand identity

Designs by Chinoy was founded in 2008 by Chinoy Edwards. Since the company's inception, Designs by Chinoy has independently produced and co-produced a countless number of Advertising, Graphic, and Logo Designs.

The credits are phenomenal, and continue to grow largely in part by the company's belief that "working intimately with our clients on each project allows us to look for unique challenges in all our undertakings."

The creative expressions of the company continue to be catapulted; igniting a kaleidoscope of unending designs and productions.


Designs by Chinoy… real ideas, real life!!!