E=mc2, a simple equation, yet misunderstood by so many. Albert Einstein could easily be the greatest scientist of the twentieth century. Simply stated, this equation is a small unit of matter releasing a significant output of energy.

It is with such magnificence that Chinoy Edwards transforms his creative designs, bringing each one to life.

Chinoy Edwards is a multi-faceted Jamaican-born Graphic Designer currently based in Brooklyn, New York. He has 5+ years experience in Advertising & Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design & Development, Art Direction, Strategic Marketing, Strategic Planning & Consultation, and Print Design & Production.

Chinoy embraces each project and looks for unique challenges in all his undertakings. His attention to detail is pristine, and his utilization of solid colors, clean lines, and sharp images delivers just the right blend of matter and energy to create exceptional synergy and brand identity.

Chinoy’s visions are inspired by the bright city lights of Times Square, the skyscrapers paying tribute to the Manhattan skyline, and the sophisticated layout of storefronts in the Soho District and 5th Avenue.

New York is indeed the place where dreams are made of, and there is no question that Chinoy can transform your dreams to reality.